Samstag, 1. Juni 2013

V1.3 is work in progress -> sneakpeak

Hi everyone *wavehandinfrontoftft*

Made a vid where you can see the changes of lightning. Now Enemies dont show up in dark areas with no light, they stay dark till they reach a lightend place. Same with Pets NPCs. Its not the newest version of the mod but you will see what a mean.

The other thing.. i will show you a sneakpeak on ACT5 that will come with V1.3. So here some pics from the new Town (Old Windview), a "Ghostcity" where the new adventure will start. The goal here is to make something different and not recycle whole dungeons etc..  its an alpha stage but totally playable as it is.

Sort of Monsters that will spawn on Act5. they will look like "phantom" versions of Monsters who already in the game like the nether you see below.

So im working on Textures Lightning and Act 5 now. Much to do but V1.3 will be awsome!


Dienstag, 14. Mai 2013

TL2Remastered V1.2 (update) (DOWNLOAD)

*did a update where the missing Roads are fixed and new pets are also there

  • Install: Put the file TL2RemasteredV1.2 there -> Documents/My Games/Runic/Torchlight2/mods -> then start the game with the second button (tht with the "wheel") choose TL2RemasteredV1.2 and have fun.

  • Texture - Act1 mostly ground texture changes and noise reduction, polished the Town - Act2 new rock textures and polished the Town - Act 3 ground textures are new - and some other changes overall (reducing the brightness or make them darker). 
  • Lights -  Outdoor lights are reworked - changed day of time cycles in the path regions - some dungeon tweakings too 
  • Maps - replaced the mapworks with a new vaultlayout - new dungeon in the mapworks called catacombs of doom (13 Floors) - Town1/2 got a descent rework - chunks for the steppes got new vegetation
  • NPC - 3 new magic merchants (like jana in act3/4) in Town1/2 and 1 in the mapworks, they sell sets rings trinkets and spells
  • Pets - Armadax Werewolf Tarantula and Gmork (they working perfectly now)
  • Gameplay - XP and Gold gain scales by difficulty (easy x0.8 elite x1.4) - Stat and skil points scale by lvl (statpoints every 20lvls 1 more up to 8 - skillpoints every 30lvls 1 more up to 3) - Sale prices increased by 300% for green blue and unique items - waypoint/identify scrolls reduce in cost  - recipes changes (now 2 gems for a new one etc.)
  • Known Bugs - indentify spell doesnt work -

Its not the end of the road but i think a really good update from 1.15 so have fun!


    Freitag, 10. Mai 2013

    working on V1.2 little inside view (update new mapworks pics and video)


    For today i brought ya 3 vids and some pics who show progress of the mod, not everything, film making take time and i dont have to much.
    But i pushed it a lot from 1.15 what means ACT1/2/3 got some hands on and i did a lot retuxtere there (mostly "noise" reduction) and it came out pretty well so far. Catacombs are mostly reskined ,one skin are completly new "skull dungeon" and other polishing in retexture.

    Lights got a decent update and in some areas (the path regions like rotten path) got complete day/night cycles now. Some other changes too Ambient or fog color etc.

    So time goes by and modding with guts makes more and more fun. From that i decided to make this mod a little bit more then only a retexture..

    In this vid you see a concept of the first town. Whats new is a new merchant who sells trinkets/rings/spells etc from beginning. I enlarged the enclave a little bit for that ;)

    Watch HERE (plugin for the vid doesnt work)

    Act2 magic Merchant 

    new Mapworks with new magic Merchant - goal here is to ad a new endless Dungeon something like the tartarus mod (the entrance is there but the dungeon issnt build yet)

    smashing all lights out
    Video where you see the new Mapworks and the new Dungeon "Catacombs of Doom" contains 13 (muhahaha) Floors, in motion watch HERE

    In this video you see the temple steppes with the new textures and alot of new vegetation in there.
    Watch HERE (plugin for the vid doesnt work)

    **Note that in Version (1.2) there will be more XP and Gold gain be difficulty, not much but on elite you gain 40% more than on easy.. Stats and skill points gets more on higher you get, on lvl 20 you get 6 stat points, on lvl 30 2 skill points and so on.
    Sell prices are increased to 300% on green blue and uniques, sound much but fits really good, not that bunch of dollars you get on vanilla.
    Drop the cost on identify/waypoint srcoll to ~70 and make the spells from this two more chance to spawn.
    For me its now just more rewarding (yeah and easyier) to play to lvl 100 but still fun :D

    All wip but V1.2 will be a major update that comes in a bunch of downloads.

    • the whole package ,this will end over 1GB i think and contains everything.
    • the textures
    • the lightning
    This will take some time but i keep you girls/guys up to date here, just check the page leave some comments (when you like) or play basketball or something complettly diffrent but dont do nothing ;)


    Sonntag, 28. April 2013

    TL2 Remastered V1.15 ready for download!

    Good Morning Viatnam (or something like that..good movie btw..)

    So i threw out Version 1.15 that contains:

    • new Netherin dungeon
    • retextured Tundra (act1 only small changes on the grass and dirt)
    • retextured Forest (act 3 mostly ground texture changes)
    • retexture some other dungeons (replacing "grainy textures")
    • new Monster skins 
    • Its only one file now so you have to use texture and lights together (i will split them later)
    So remember i start working on this just a few days back and that its just a small update on complains of the community. Starting with Guts and so on will take time.. but im polishing like Hell now!


    Install: put the file in the - Documents/My Games/runic games/Torchlight2/mods folder and start the game with the second button (the one with the wheel) and choose tl2remastered1.15.

    Short vid (sorry for the music again..)

    For now thats all from me.. so its your turn! Hate it Love it or just dont care but let me know ;)

    cya prometheus aka sugarrayray 

    ..and be awsome!

    Freitag, 26. April 2013

    Netherin dungeon concept

    playing around with the new dungeon making it a bit darker. Not bad at all for the first try i think but its not finished yet but a step further for V1.2

    Just you girls and guys see im back on working :-)


    V1.1 DOWNLOAD HERE    Note: only one file.. netherim dungeon not included!

    Dienstag, 23. April 2013

    TL2Remastered GUTS ready

    Morning Everyone

    I have updated the Mod that it works with the latest version of the Game now.

    Its the latest Version on my disk so the minor changes from below are in there.

    DOWNLOAD HERE        Note: only one file


    put the file in the - Documents/My Games/runic games/Torchlight2/mods folder and start the game

    Im back on now and working on 1.2 update coming soon

    Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2012

    V1.2 wip

    wazup guys

    So i started the work on version 1.2 on this mod and you will see here a little change in lightning effects.

    First i get really bored of that red light when you take the cursor over an enemy, over an boss i think it looks just stupid so i turned that off. Dont know yet if its good so or i take a diffrent color but red is dead.

    In the second part of the vid you see the second change on  lightning. First time i play this game i thought "whats that purple light on my awsome twohanded sword?"
    Changed that in a "metalic" effect and reduced the "iceglow" of a weapon also.

    and here a vid from general grell with the changes

    So im just working on the light and mobs now, spiders and skelletons, zombies and some others are in work.
    V1.2 will be more polished in environment texture too.

    Leave a coment when you like or dont and be awsome!