Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2012

V1.2 wip

wazup guys

So i started the work on version 1.2 on this mod and you will see here a little change in lightning effects.

First i get really bored of that red light when you take the cursor over an enemy, over an boss i think it looks just stupid so i turned that off. Dont know yet if its good so or i take a diffrent color but red is dead.

In the second part of the vid you see the second change on  lightning. First time i play this game i thought "whats that purple light on my awsome twohanded sword?"
Changed that in a "metalic" effect and reduced the "iceglow" of a weapon also.

and here a vid from general grell with the changes

So im just working on the light and mobs now, spiders and skelletons, zombies and some others are in work.
V1.2 will be more polished in environment texture too.

Leave a coment when you like or dont and be awsome!


  1. Is the mod still being developed...?

  2. are you going to update to the new patch, to make this mod working with steam Workshop?

  3. Will there come a .MOD file in the new version? I tryied to covert the PAK-files with the GUTS editor, but it didn't worked... :(

  4. BKone look here, that guy had better luck: