Dienstag, 23. April 2013

TL2Remastered GUTS ready

Morning Everyone

I have updated the Mod that it works with the latest version of the Game now.

Its the latest Version on my disk so the minor changes from below are in there.

DOWNLOAD HERE        Note: only one file


put the file in the - Documents/My Games/runic games/Torchlight2/mods folder and start the game

Im back on now and working on 1.2 update coming soon


  1. I've put MOD file whrere you pointed but nothing changes. I've version

  2. When you start the game you can choose to play the normal game or start it with mods. You have to start it with the second button (the one with the wheel) and then choose tl2remasteredv1.1.

    Then the game will start with the mod.

    When it doesnt work ether pls comment again.