Sonntag, 28. April 2013

TL2 Remastered V1.15 ready for download!

Good Morning Viatnam (or something like that..good movie btw..)

So i threw out Version 1.15 that contains:

  • new Netherin dungeon
  • retextured Tundra (act1 only small changes on the grass and dirt)
  • retextured Forest (act 3 mostly ground texture changes)
  • retexture some other dungeons (replacing "grainy textures")
  • new Monster skins 
  • Its only one file now so you have to use texture and lights together (i will split them later)
So remember i start working on this just a few days back and that its just a small update on complains of the community. Starting with Guts and so on will take time.. but im polishing like Hell now!


Install: put the file in the - Documents/My Games/runic games/Torchlight2/mods folder and start the game with the second button (the one with the wheel) and choose tl2remastered1.15.

Short vid (sorry for the music again..)

For now thats all from me.. so its your turn! Hate it Love it or just dont care but let me know ;)

cya prometheus aka sugarrayray 

..and be awsome!

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