Dienstag, 14. Mai 2013

TL2Remastered V1.2 (update) (DOWNLOAD)

*did a update where the missing Roads are fixed and new pets are also there

  • Install: Put the file TL2RemasteredV1.2 there -> Documents/My Games/Runic/Torchlight2/mods -> then start the game with the second button (tht with the "wheel") choose TL2RemasteredV1.2 and have fun.

  • Texture - Act1 mostly ground texture changes and noise reduction, polished the Town - Act2 new rock textures and polished the Town - Act 3 ground textures are new - and some other changes overall (reducing the brightness or make them darker). 
  • Lights -  Outdoor lights are reworked - changed day of time cycles in the path regions - some dungeon tweakings too 
  • Maps - replaced the mapworks with a new vaultlayout - new dungeon in the mapworks called catacombs of doom (13 Floors) - Town1/2 got a descent rework - chunks for the steppes got new vegetation
  • NPC - 3 new magic merchants (like jana in act3/4) in Town1/2 and 1 in the mapworks, they sell sets rings trinkets and spells
  • Pets - Armadax Werewolf Tarantula and Gmork (they working perfectly now)
  • Gameplay - XP and Gold gain scales by difficulty (easy x0.8 elite x1.4) - Stat and skil points scale by lvl (statpoints every 20lvls 1 more up to 8 - skillpoints every 30lvls 1 more up to 3) - Sale prices increased by 300% for green blue and unique items - waypoint/identify scrolls reduce in cost  - recipes changes (now 2 gems for a new one etc.)
  • Known Bugs - indentify spell doesnt work -

Its not the end of the road but i think a really good update from 1.15 so have fun!



    1. Great mod! Keep doing this! :)
      But I have still one question: ist there a version that works with the mod launcher by runic games? (a .sch file?)
      that would be great!

    2. Hey,
      ich hatte echt Probleme mit v1.1 der remastered Mod. Wenn man gespeichert, beendet und danach neu geladen hat, stand man plötzlich wieder am Anfang des Levels. Alle Fortschritte auf der Karte waren weg.
      Hab jetzt zum Glück doch noch die url dieses Blogs hier in Steam gesehen und mit v1.2 klappt es jetzt ohne Probleme.
      Vielleicht solltest du da mal in Steam die Links entsprechend auf die neusten versionen anpassen.
      Ansonsten kann ich nur sagen, tolle Mod! Bin echt begeistert wie du die Texturen umgestaltet hast und freue mich, dass ich jetzt auch ohne Probleme mit der Mod zocken kann.

      Gruß Druzil

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    6. identify spell work on my game, also thx for your hard work ... this definitely is the best graphic mod overhaul i've ever seen