Samstag, 1. Juni 2013

V1.3 is work in progress -> sneakpeak

Hi everyone *wavehandinfrontoftft*

Made a vid where you can see the changes of lightning. Now Enemies dont show up in dark areas with no light, they stay dark till they reach a lightend place. Same with Pets NPCs. Its not the newest version of the mod but you will see what a mean.

The other thing.. i will show you a sneakpeak on ACT5 that will come with V1.3. So here some pics from the new Town (Old Windview), a "Ghostcity" where the new adventure will start. The goal here is to make something different and not recycle whole dungeons etc..  its an alpha stage but totally playable as it is.

Sort of Monsters that will spawn on Act5. they will look like "phantom" versions of Monsters who already in the game like the nether you see below.

So im working on Textures Lightning and Act 5 now. Much to do but V1.3 will be awsome!



  1. Well, I have always found what you are doing awesome for the graphics ! I just can't wait the next version :) But I'm not so okay with the gameplay changes.. I would prefer if Remastered was just intending to remaster the lightning system, and nothing more. There are already many mods to alter the gameplay, and it would be maybe nicer to have what you propose for the gameplay changes as a seperate mod that would come with TL2 remastered.
    For that reason i am currently using the 1.15 version with synergies, and that's awesome :)

    I have also started a youtube playlist to show up both synergies and TL2 remastered, if you want to check it out : (i am also looking for a good recording software if you've got one in mind..)

  2. I agree with above post, This is so far the best retexture mod for torchlight 2 out there ~ any gameplay changes won't just make it a texture mod anymore.

    Awesome work, KEEP IT UP!

  3. Please have your retexture work seperate with the other gameplay changes and pets plz, Multiplayer online is no longer compatible due to the additions.

  4. is this project still alive ??? A long time i have not seen any news ???
    Very nice Work!!!!